Do you want to know the real answers to the many important questions regarding Economics, Banking, Money and Wealth? You must’ve wondered, if the doom and gloom club is correct, then why is it that our economy has not collapsed, unlike the communist countries which have imploded from the inside? The doom and gloom people have been harping their dooms-day scenarios; the imminent demise of our economy, the banking system and the currency (paper dollars) not for months or years, but for decades already, yet their prediction has not materialize. In fact the opposite occurred—our country prospered under the paper money standard coupled with a good and sound banking system that efficiently allocate resources and capital in the economy for the highest return, that everyone benefited. The economic expansion enriched billions of people, not just in the United States, but all over the world. The wealth of the planet increased many fold, with hundreds of trillions of new wealth created and has benefited all economic participants.

Stop being ridiculed and cowed around by the doom and gloom people and instead, focus on the fundamentals. These are the things they don’t want you to know. This book series sets out to explain the fundamentals of money and wealth, banking and many more; in simple ways. The books are packed with graphics in order to enhance your understanding of the fundamentals presented. For example, the government was accused of surrendering the rights to print money to private bankers, so we investigated this accusation and we found that, it was not true at all! We took years to perfect our explanation for this high-handed accusation with simple graphical drawings and equivalently simple write up. There are no complicated terms or lingo of economics, we go right to the fundamentals and explain them clearly. We are confident that you can easily understand the beauty of the workings of our economics and banking, which economists themselves do not know! They don’t know about the fundamentals because they focused too much on the nitty-gritty details of their studies and they forgot the big picture! Our goal is to fill up this gap, and ensure that you understand the real reasons why the banking system works and why our monetary system works.

To further boost your understanding of the system, we also created movie presentations to complement the book. These movie presentations made the graphical drawings and explanations in the book to come alive! We guarantee that these presentations are genuine and fresh, hence you cannot find them anywhere else! Take this opportunity to learn, because we are giving them away for free to the world!

Throughout the three books series, you will come across the following high-handed accusations of the doom and gloom club, the free money club, the gold proponents and various other groups and our truthful and foolproof explanation on these matters. We won’t hide behind complicated lingo or terms to confuse you while making our explanations; we laid them bare, so that anyone can understand the explanations easily.

The following are some of the high handed accusations made towards our economic system today, and we will explain them one by one.

1. Gold is the best currency out there and provides ‘real’ money.
2. Money should be valuable, made from things such as gold.
3. Religion, therefore God, ordained and encouraged the use of gold as money.
4. Interest or usury, is a burden and thus should be eliminated from the banking system.
5. The Federal Reserve is a private entity and is out to con the people of the United States.
6. The banks and the Federal Reserve are in a conspiracy to con the people by giving out loans which cannot be paid by borrowers.
7. Super low interest rates are bad for the economy, because it can lead to bubbles and many other things.
8. Inflation at whatever level is very bad and deflation is worse.
9. Inflation will erode the value of paper money until it is zero.
10. Government should spend money to prop up the economy (Keynesians).
11. Fractional reserve banking will inflate the money supply, by issuing ten times more loans than deposits by printing money out of thin air.
12. The Fed and the banking system is a pyramid, and on top of it, there is … well, another pyramid.
13. Commercial banks can print and issue money at will, a dollar deposited can be lent out up to 10 dollars.
14. We should fix our currency and disallow it from changing value in relative to other currencies.
15. Rothschild made tons of money shorting the stock market during the Napoleon war.
16. A country should use its Foreign International Reserves any way it wants.
17. A country with lots of Foreign International Reserve is a rich country.
18. The higher the GDP, the richer and the more well off the country is. GDP is everything.
19. Gold prices will always go up.
20. House prices will always go up.
21. The US federal government deficit and debt is untenable.
22. The money supply is growing exponentially. The debt of the economy is growing exponentially as well.

There are other questions as well; for example, the division of wealth (the economic pie distribution) of the country between the rich and the poor, the disappearing middle -class and many more.

All these statement, questions and convoluted facts are answered and explained in the 259 Trillion Vs 5 Trillion 3-book series!

Book 1


Printed Edition (Full Color & Normal – 168 Pages)
Kindle Digital Edition (Full Color – 14MB)

The first book deals exclusively with assets and money, by focusing on the difference, usage, creation and the confusion about these two categories. This confusion is the basis of the widely hyped “return to the gold-backed money” movement. Gold is highly criticized here.



Book 2


Printed Edition (Full Color & Normal – 286 Pages)
Kindle Digital Edition (Full Color – 14MB)

In the second book, the focus is on paper money. Its creation, backing and usage are completely explained. Also explained thoroughly are the widely misused and abused statements including the “Money out of thin air”, “Mountain of Debts”, “Exponential Debt” and “Shrinking of the Purchasing Power”. A substantial part of the book is devoted to explaining the fractional reserved banking in a simple manner (illustrated of course!) and prove mathematically that it is not magic or a scam.


Book 3

BOOK 3 – WEALTH OF THE UNITED STATES, Plus Major Questions Since The Financial Crisis

Printed Edition (Full Color – 480 Pages & Normal – 493 Pages)
Kindle Digital Edition (Full Color – 35MB)

Finally, in the third and final installment of the book, the wealth of the United States is calculated and compared to the debt incurred. We will show that America is still far from bankrupt and ways to return America to its former glory. Also explained are the concept of GDP and its misuse, government roles in the economy, bubble troubles, Middle class and its “Disappearance” and many more. Finally, a significant portion is devoted to personal finance such as renting vs. buying, investing options and retirement and financial education.

Don’t miss this exciting conclusion!


“People fear the unknowns”
“Scaring people is an excellent way to make them do what you want them to do”
“Logical, is not always right”
“Don’t believe them, until you have done your homework, and read the book series to assist you”