Sharif Rahman is an experienced chemical engineer graduated from Vanderbilt University with a good set of problem solving skills. He likes to jump into complicated problems and will get to the bottom of it and lay it bare for others to see in a different angle. Using his engineering knacks and other hidden ‘talents’, he then presented the solution in a simple way. His motto is simple, which is “Make things ‘as simple as possible’”. He is currently busy working full time in a power and water company as a senior manager and uses his weekends to write.

Amy N. Maine graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University, where she spent part of her teenage years obtaining her engineering degree. Her mathematical skills and her reading abilities will amaze anyone around her. Don’t simply believe those old economists with thick mustaches  is her mantra. Many of them are too busy to really think through what they wrote, and they only wanted publicity and most important of all, they like to scare their readers.
She lent her valuable expertise to ensure this book will astound the readers and offer a different and more down to earth understanding of our forefathers economic designs.