259 Trillion Vs 5 Trillion book series describes the workings of our economy, in a way that will excite anyone, by incorporating hundreds of illustrations and beautiful charts, coupled with remarkable descriptions and explanations, yet everything was designed to be as simple as possible. The use of difficult terms and lingo of economics were avoided by us to present our thought provoking explanations in simple, plain English. We are not economists by education; in fact, we are experienced engineers, hell bound to dissect the economy in interesting ways using methodical approach routinely used by engineers in solving everyday problems. Our method is guaranteed to amaze you, the reader, because each time, we would start at the root of the problem and take you step by step to the right answer.

The use of paper money and other types of money is discussed at length in this series and finally the answer of whether money is printed out of thin air will be revealed. In fact, we have listed more than 20 common fallacies and answered all of them in the book series including hyperbolic or exponential functions, ever increasing level of debt, the Federal Reserve and central banks, the use of interest on loans to suck money out of the economy, the bank’s conspiracy to own everything and many others.

This extraordinary book series was painstakingly written with a rarely seen before method of graphics (nearly 400 illustrations) and downloadable video combinations (8 video presentations) to create a comprehensive explanation of economic fundamentals, and certainly will be some of the most interesting economic books you will ever read.
The burning questions you had kept inside for so long will be answered once and for all!

And to those who have finished reading through the series and wanted more, we are publishing free monthly publications that provide the same interesting and rarely discussed topics, where misconceptions abound. We start the monthly publications with the promised expanded edition of the Disappearing Middle Class topic in book 3, Wealth of The United States. So do have a go at another take on economy from us which is not really as portrayed by the doom and gloom economists or the zealots of the anti-capitalism groups. Read the overview of the series and head on to the each book mini site for previews, free downloads and other info.

Thank you and don’t give up.


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